Meet Tanya

Tanya Paz


I'm seeking a Vision Vancouver nomination to run for City Council this year.

I’m someone who helps shape cities. I'm best known for my work locally, nationally, and internationally in sustainable transportation. I have worked in Sydney, Australia and Buffalo and Ithaca, New York and advised carsharing and bike sharing organizations in various cities around the world.

My work locally with Modo, Mobi, Veemo, and Vancouver Coastal Health has helped people change their ways of getting around. This makes living in Vancouver healthier and keeps the air cleaner, too. It reduces our dependency on oil and gas.

I love listening to communities, making life easier for Vancouverites through new ways and other problem-solving, data, friendly-density, making sure people have user-friendly transportation options (which can lead to more affordable living), film festivals, and our seawall and access to nature.

Since 2012 I have spent countless hours volunteering for the City's Active Transportation Policy Council, advising City Council, the Park Board, and Vancouver School Board on walking, bicycling, skateboarding, and transit. I've served as Chair since 2013 and have been an outspoken leader for our community.

I moved to Vancouver from the Fraser Valley to go to UBC in 1991 and have lived here since. Growing up in a diverse family, I feel I can represent so many Vancouverites who know that our strength is in our unique and diverse backgrounds coming together for a common vision.

I have also worked in affordable housing. I worked for Community Housing Land Trust Foundation and Co-op Housing Federation of BC in the mid to late 90s, advocated for affordable homes, including Mole Hill and co-op housing in Metro Vancouver. I also helped overhaul the Co-op Association Act in BC.

After that, I was recruited to Modo; I was second-in-command there for 13 years, building systems and relationships to expand carsharing to various companies and municipalities. I understand co-operatives as a sustainable and collaborative model, and my experience in carsharing led to a modern outlook on community planning, space-making, and integrating sustainable transportation into city neighbourhoods.

By striving towards social justice through sound policy and civic actions, we can make our city an incredible place to live. With your support, I'm hoping to take my commitment to this city to the next level.

Photo by Ellen Balka